Misuma Network Sdn. Bhd. established on 14th January 1997 with the paid capital of RM 250,000.00 and authorized capital of RM500,000.00 (registration no. 416583-H). This company was formed purposely to act as supporting arm in procurement of the spares, equipments and materials to be utilized by all companies in Sumai Group.

The Scopes of responsibility that had been exercised by MNSB including studying and sourcing of the spares,equipment and materials to be used by companies in Sumai Group, carrying out the purchasing process and finally the delivery of the respectiveitems. By implementing this centralized method of procurement, tremendous time savings were obtained by all companies in the group.

After two years of successful operation, various spare parts manufacturer and supplier especially in items related to marine fields had officially appointed Misuma Network Sdn. Bhd. as an authorized dealer.

Besides te main activity as mentioned above, MNSB was also appointed as an official agent to Takaful Nasional Insurance Company as from April 1999. To this date, an encouraging number fo customers had received MNSB services in this business sector.