JRG Network Sdn Bhd

JRG Network Sdn Bhd

The JRG Network Sdn Bhd is an associated company of Sumai Engineering Sdn Bhd, was formed and registered in Malaysia on 2nd of August 1999.The main interest of the company is to develop the knowledge, skill and experience of the directors, managers and key pesonnel (Ex-Serviceman) in the maintenance, repair and supply of marine electrical and electronic equipments.

The business philosophies of JRG Network Sdn Bhd are:

- To provide the best possible services to the fullest satisfaction of our clients.
- Always open for discussion and/or negotiation
- Never reject comments to improve our service to our clients

At present, the JRG Network Sdn Bhd is concentrating in services, maintenance and repair work of electrical and electronic equipments directly related to marine application.

The JRG Network Sdn Bhd has been undertaking lots of projects from the Geliga Slipway Sdn Bhd,it self, Petroleum National Malaysia (PETRONAS) and has built reputation in term of quality, punctuality and most important the commitment within less than a year period.